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Financial Strategy

  • Are you ready to achieve safety and security in your financial life?
  • Do you know the difference between “I think so money”and “I know so money”?
  • Have questions about your finances?
FOCUS Consultation


Let’s take some time to talk about the obstacles you may be facing. I offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation so we can discuss the questions you have and identify your goals. I’d love to chat so feel free to schedule your complimentary 30-minute FOCUS session.

We’ll accomplish 3 things:

  • Talk about your current financial situation and goals.

  • Identify issues that you may be facing, concerns and questions you’re looking for guidance on.

  • Discuss available options and action steps.


Financially Sound

Financial Accountability Coaching


Financially Sound is perfect for those looking for clarity, organization and education in their financial life. It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen off the financial bandwagon and are ready to get back on, if you’re in the midst of planning for a life transition like retirement, or if you just plain need some guidance on your current situation. Financially Sound will help you get clear on your goals, set a framework for success, and ensure that you have an accountability partner to keep you on track to a meaningful financial future. Schedule a call with me to discuss the direction you'd like to take.


What to expect:

  • A 90 minute discovery meeting in person or via telephone/Skype where we get clear on your financial goals and values, what your current financial picture looks like, and what current limitations or hurdles you are facing.

  • A 60 minute call to deliver your coaching plan, reccomendations, and to establish commitment.


Topics Addressed & Your Analysis May include:

  • Goal creation and prioritization

  • Emergency, Retirement and Goal savings

  • Big Purchase Planning (Weddings, Cars, Home, etc.)

  • Cash Flow and Spending Management

  • Debt Repayment (Credit Cards, Student Loans, etc.)

  • Investing your nest egg- this includes your 401(k)

  • Tax Planning (with Certified Tax Strategist)

  • Company Benefits Maximization

  • Estate Planning 

  • Insurance Coverages

  • …and more…

Engagement Time Frame: Ongoing


Insurance Protection

No financial house is sound without the protection of insurance. We focus on “living well, and leaving a legacy”. In order to do that, take care of the foundation first.

  • Life Insurance

  • Key Man Insurance (Businesses/Organizations)

  • Long Term Care

  • Medicare Health Care

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